Jobs in Bangalore: 14 Best Part-time, Work From Home for Females


Are you searching for a job in Bangalore, then this article is for you. Learn and become a free member to earn online from Bangalore.

Namma Bangalore is considered as the silicon city of India and so you can find new jobs in Bangalore and openings throughout the year. It is also declared as the IT capital of India and having the highest number of IT companies in India. Though the opportunity of getting the job is easier, still they are many people wish to work from home. People in Bangalore are searching for additional opportunities to earn their extra second income for their future.
Jobs In Bangalore
Jobs In Bangalore
The City of Bangalore is considered as an Indians 3rd largest populated and high traffic in the county. Hence many housewives and home moms feel difficult going out of the home and struggle in traffic for jobs as well as personal hangouts. Among-st the most expensive cities in the world, Bangalore is also ranked as 94th in the survey. Students who are studying in Bangalore are facing financial issues such as paying their college fees, hostel fees and extra expenses. Now you all people no need to worry about such difficulties in Bangalore to earn money for your expenditures. is providing plenty of opportunities for people to earn money in their free time. It is an open platform to everyone and the best source of knowledge as well as earn money for your family well being. Let us dive into the actual part of the article that explains the various jobs in Bangalore for people from all levels.

Where can I Get The Part-Time Jobs in Bangalore?

Bangalore is a Tech hub of India and hence, the state government of Karnataka is offering great subsidies for start-ups and growing IT companies. This advantage makes every MNC establish a small start-up in Bangalore thus increasing the number of job opportunities. College students, educated women, young girls are trying to get a job in Bangalore to create a strong foundation for their future.
Part Time Jobs In Bangalore
Part-Time Jobs In Bangalore
Hence, at the same time, the cost of living in Bangalore is quite high as compared to another great city Mumbai. On another side, as there are many educated students are inline searching for jobs from these companies in Bangalore. Hence, the monthly salary has dropped to a great extent because of the surplus availability of manpower in the state of Karnataka. This situation makes every people in Bangalore to search for additional revenue to earn for their living. Luckily, the Internet is providing a great online part-time job opportunity for the people in Bangalore. Our company is utilizing this space in providing genuine paying part-time jobs for people in Bangalore. Join our company without any investment and start working part-time from your home and make a great second income.

Aptitude Solving Part-Time Jobs in Bangalore

Aptitude is one of the best ways of analyzing your IQ and your knowledge in a particular field of subject. If your good at your aptitude solving, reasoning, problem-solving, etc. you can easily be able to earn money online. providing the best opportunity for people to work from home and earn money. Join us for free and login to your portal to get a separate dashboard and start work to earn money from home. You will be rewarded around Rs.3 to Rs.4 for each your aptitude solving in our company portal and it is credited to your account.

Telugu Language Translation Jobs in Banglore

Many people in Bangalore speak the Telugu language. We have a great opportunity for those Telugu-speaking people from Bangalore. If you know Telugu or Telugu as your native speaking language then you can make use of this option as your second income. Our company offers the best opportunity for the people to translate the English content in our portal into Telugu. Enroll yourself as a free member to work with us and start to earn money in your free time and leisure time. You will be paid around Rs.4 to Rs.5 for your every valuable translation in our portal and it’s credited to your Paytm.

Rating For Recipe Jobs in Bangalore

Many people are always hanging up with mobile whenever they are having free time in their home. Do you want to make utilize precious time and earn some extra decent money without any investment? Then take action today by utilizing the great job called Rating a Recipes, being offered by our company. You just need to rate our recipes in your leisure time and you will be get paid around Rs.4 to Rs.5 to your valuable rating.

Will I Get Work From Home Jobs in Bangalore?

Bangalore is a place where you can find a lot of work from home jobs in every nook and corner of the city. The only thing is that you have to put the right effort at the right time to find suitable work for you. There are hourly, weekly, monthly and seasonal jobs are available for the people in the Bangalore. It depends on you, either you want to do it online or offline. There are hundreds of opportunities are available.
Work From Home Jobs In Bangalore
Work From Home Jobs In Bangalore
Bangalore is a hub of startups, where most of these companies are searching for people to work from their homes for their projects. You can provide services to startups as a consultant at a cheaper price to start with and increase your price later on. And also many MNC companies are looking for workers to work from their remote locations. Fortunately, the advanced technology made easy for everyone to work from home online to earn some extra revue. Our company is providing plenty of job openings to the people in Bangalore to earn money. Enroll yourself as a free member and start work with your field of interest and skill sets to earn money.

Recipe Writing Work from Home Jobs

Most of the people in Bangalore are north Indians and all the people are food lovers in Bangalore. Are you passionate about cooking? Are you a food lover? then make use of this habit and earn some money. It sounds great, right? Yes, our Company provides an opportunity for food lovers to earn money from online. You have to create an account with our website to start posting recipes which you have prepared on your own. You will be get paid around anywhere between Rs.10 to Rs.30 for each valuable recipe shared in our portal.

Commenting for the Recipe Work

Our recipe portal is the world’s largest platform that requires a lot of people to share their own recipes as well as commenting on other recipes. Recipe commenting is another great online job opportunity for food lovers living in Bangalore. has its own largest dedicated panel for the people who wish to work with us. You just need to comment on the recipes which are available in our dedicated panel to earn your second income. You will be get paid for each genuine and valuable comment posted in our portal and it will be credited to your account.

Translation Jobs in Bangalore

Our company has a wide range of marketing demands in each and every sector. We want to convey the message to all over the country irrespective of religion, culture, language, etc. Hence we have created opportunities for the people to start their career in our portal working as a translator. You can earn around Rs.4 to Rs.5 for each successful translation task from your dashboard.

What are some of the Data Entry Jobs in Bangalore?

Data entry is the process of inputting the data or information into the computer using devices such as keyboards, scanners, etc. Data entry is trending, one of the many reasons to consider it, India’s Silicon Valley is an attractive workplace for tech-savvy ex-pats.
Data Entry Jobs In Bangalore
Data Entry Jobs In Bangalore
Bangalore is not only the place for the IT hub, but it also provides the place for the Business project outsourcing industry. The industry itself provides millions of job opportunities for people in Bangalore in the BPO sector. These companies started to provide data entry work for the people to wok from the comfort of their homes. Our company is one of the largest platforms to provide data entry jobs for people in Bangalore. If you have an uninterpreted internet connection with a good computer, you can earn money online easily with more comfortable in your home. Join us for free today in our portal to become a member and start earning money as much as you can work as a data entry operator! You will get your dashboard to work with us after you have completed your initial registration in our portal and you can start work. Lets us discuss the few data entry jobs available for the people from Bangalore offered by our company.

Write About Current Affairs

Nowadays all the people are highly Educated and they search for new information all day frequently. More often the information is not a constant thing because it changes according to the time and its need update. The housewives, college students, job seekers, stay at home moms, etc, can utilize this writing current affairs opportunity and earn money. Join our portal for free and you will get your separate dashboard to work with us and earn some extra decent money.

Ask a Question

Another interesting job from our company is “asking a question” – which you can ask from any interesting field. Are you the one always asking a question in your interesting subject? If the answer to this question is YES! then you can make use of this skill and earn money in your free time. is providing an opportunity for all the people with different options to work with us and make money. We have an option for asking a question in our portal and you will be get paid around Rs.5 to Rs.6 for every question.

Answer the Question

Google is the only place to go for every people who search for an answer. When you want some piece of information or answer your question? Our company is running a portal where people can ask questions in their relevant industry. And we require people to answer those questions. And the best part is that we pay for every approved answer published in our portal. It is an open platform for everyone hence you can choose your field of interest and favorite subjects such as engineering, politics, science, etc. You will be get paid for each answer submission in our portal and it’s credited to your provided Paytm.

Best Online Jobs for Students in Bangalore?

Getting a part-time job in an occupied place like Bangalore is not that difficult were plenty of companies well. There are domestic companies, MNCs and several startups are in Bangalore and hence it’s pretty easy to get one. There are plenty of part-time job opportunities available in Bangalore and that you can work from home to earn money.
Online Jobs For Students In Bangalore
Young students, women, job goers, stay at home moms and retirees do need extra income to survive their day to day life. People in Bangalore are looking for offline or online part-time jobs in Bangalore that can give you regular extra income. If you are a student, then this is the right place which is particularly designed for students to make utilize their free time. Our is providing multiple opportunities for the students to work and earn part-time income.

Language Translation Jobs in Bangalore

Bangalore welcomes people from all over the world and also most of the people are multi-linguist in Bangalore. If you know more than one language then you can make use of this talent to earn some decent money in our portal. is a worldwide company hence we offer multiple language translation jobs in our portal. Join us for free and earn some extra revenue for your other expenditures and family well being.

GK Questions

We all have our individuality and we all are good at one of the other general knowledge such as politics, sports, cinemas, etc. You can identify your strength and turn that strength into your pocket money for your extra expenditure. Our company is the pioneer in offering online jobs for students, housewives, job seekers, and retired people. We offer a great opportunity to earn money by solving GK questions and Quizzes in our portal and earn money. You will be get paid around Rs.5 to Rs.6 for your every question in our portal and the amount will be credited to your account.

Quotes and Wishing Writing Jobs in Bangalore

Are you interested in writing? and you are passionate about inspiring the people? Then you can visit our portal to write wishes like good morning, good night and birthday wishes, etc. and even share creative images. Our company is of the most searchable platform for quotes and wishes on the internet. You can make use of this opportunity to write quotes and earn some decent money for your extra expenditure.

How Can I Make Money Online working in Bangalore?

So far, we have gone through the various part-time online jobs and work from home jobs for people living in Bangalore. Every people wants additional revenue for their living and to manage their day-to-day expenses. The salary from an office job is not enough for people because of the increasing price of all consumables in our Bangalore.
Make Money Online In Bangalore
Make Money Online In Bangalore
This makes every people who are going for a job or living in a home to search for alternate sources to make money. Thank the Internet as it provides a ton of great opportunities for people to work online from home. Our company provides great opportunities for people from different skill sets to work for our business. Many college students in Bangalore, housewives from Bangalore, are already making a great revenue working online. Join now today and start making a great monthly income by working in our online jobs and make money online.


The cost of living is quite high in Hitech cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, and Delhi. The monthly salary is not sufficient for the people living in Bangalore, and hence this makes them search for an additional revenue source. Our is filling the space, thus offering a lot of online jobs in Bangalore. We give a chance to all people including housewives, college students, stay at home moms, retired peoples from Bangalore. Join today with our company as a registered member and start making money by utilizing your free time.


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