What Is Recipe Comment Jobs And Benefits?


What is called commenting for a recipe job?

We at simplyearnonline.com, have many recipes posted by our users. We have all kinds of recipes on our website. Commenting for a recipe is not a big deal, it is just about posting your feedback about our recipes. You may experiment the given recipe before commenting or you can just post your comments on self assumption.

How are we benefited from you?

As you all know, reviews play an important role in the field of social marketing. So your comments for our recipes are more valuable for us and also for our users. Your comments will definitely increase the people’s expectation on our recipes.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Before posting any comment try to experiment or at least read the complete recipe.
  • Post relevant comments that suit the chosen recipe.
  • Be kind and note your words while commenting as it may hurt the user who posted the recipe.


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