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Top 6 Highest Paying Jobs in India that you can now make a Career out of!


The job market in India has undergone a radical change throughout the last few decades. Gone are the days where the only stable professions like doctor, engineer, and government jobs were the highest-paying jobs in the country. While these jobs are still relevant and respected in today’s world, there are a number of new fields that have completely revolutionized the market. 

Many of us are confused over what to do in life and let us all be honest; money is a great motivator in helping us make a decision. This article will give an insight into the top-paying jobs of the country and so will help you decide your future career path with trust and confidence. 

You are looking for a career that rewards you just right, a job with high salary, and maybe even better, one of the best jobs in India. Right? 

If you said yes to all of these above questions, then you are in the right place to begin with! 

Career growth, job security, and reputation make a career attractive. Based on these and various other parameters like, nature of work, net worth, etc., and with absolutely making no comparison and in no particular order, here is a list of the top 6 best highly paid jobs in India. 

  1. Spiritual Leader
  2. Medical Professionals
  3. Management Specialists/Consultants
  4. Data Scientists
  5. Chartered Accountant
  6. Artificial Intelligence Professionals

Spiritual Leader

Our choice must have surprised you, but there is no job in the country that will send your net worth skyrocketing like this one will. Most spiritual leaders of India are listed to be among the richest people in the world. 

Medical Professionals

Owing to the rapid technological advancement and the rise in incidence of diseases, the demand for affordable and quality healthcare services is increasing every day. Because of this rapid incremental growth of the healthcare industry, it offers one of the highest paid jobs in India, for Doctors and Surgeons. 

The job profile, required educational qualification and salary varies between different specialization streams in the field. Although a M.B.B.S degree is a must for all of them. 

Management Specialists / Consultants

Management has emerged to play a very crucial role in the Indian Industry. All kinds of companies nowadays have a customer-centric approach. The primary role is to help companies solve problems, improve performance, and maximize growth through strategies, structure, and effective management. 

The field is growing at a rate of 30% every year. In large companies, the job is a coveted position to attain. You can earn from 6 LPA to 23 LPA, depending on your experience in the field. All you need to get started is a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in business or related fields. 

Data Scientists

This one term has gained significant popularity in the past few months. Data scientists are essentially analytical experts who put social science and technology to use, to find trends and patterns as well as manage data, to help solve business problems. 

There is no predefined qualification but an engineering degree or a degree / certification in data science is an added advantage. Rudimentary knowledge on basic programming languages contribute to your job title and pay scale. 

You can make from 4 LPA to as much as 70 LPA depending on your experience, making the job one of the highest paid IT jobs in India. 

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants are the members of ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), the only national accounting body in India. For the 6.8 crore taxpayers in the country, there are only 1.25 lakh full-time practitioners. Can you imagine the demand?

CAs work in every industry and provide financial expertise for managing money well, to maintain accounts, to perform auditing and taxation and to produce financial statements. 

Essentially, commerce graduates can apply and pass ICAI’s CA course to become a Chartered Accountant. Students from other streams can take up CA as well. From large corporations to small companies, CAs are hired by a wide range of firms to serve as financial advisors.

You can make from 6 LPA to up to 30 LPA in India, international salaries go up to 70 LPA. 

Artificial Intelligence Professionals

In layman terms, AI refers to human processes that a machine or robot can replicate. It is one of the highly blooming and developing fields in India and most parts of the world right now and if it interests you, then this is your time to seize the opportunity and get showered in money!

The job involves programming computers to think like human brains. Exciting, right? 

There is an acute shortage of AI professionals in India, and the job will always be in heavy demand. As an AI professional, you can make up to 6 Lakh per month!!! All you need is a software engineering degree with specialization in AI or related fields and you are all set!

What Is General Knowledge Question & Answer Jobs And Benefits?


What is a GK question and answer posting job?

We at simplyearnonline.com, providing our website visitors earning opportunities by posting jobs. This general knowledge question and answer posting jobs are one of the best jobs as the questions you post will help our users in improving their knowledge. The job is all about sharing your general knowledge with us.

How are we benefited from you?

General knowledge helps an individual to improve his personal skills and academic skills. Having general knowledge is more important as it helps you while writing any kind of competitive exams in both private and public sectors. These questions are also asked in entrance exams and interviews. So the question and answer you are posting, will be helpful for our users for their improvement of knowledge and for us it is beneficial when we have more engagement on our website.

Where to find the Gk question and answer for posting?

You can find the GK question and answer from the books that are now easily available online or at local markets. You can refer to those books and post us the question and answer. Newspapers and news channels will also help you, but do not mix up general knowledge with current affairs.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Before posting any question and answer, make sure it is correct as it will be read by many students.
  • Do not copy the question and answer from other websites as we are not ready to face any copyright issue.
  • Refer from books, news channels and newspapers for getting better knowledge.
  • Do not post the same questions that are already existing on our website.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Do not use punctuation marks and capital letters at inappropriate places.

What Is Quotes And Wishes Jobs And Benefits?


What is called a wishes and quote writing job?

There are many unsung poets and writers among us who must be lagging in producing their talents and show it to the world. Writing is not only about writing a book or a blog. Talent is necessary to make someone feel happy and special by writing a simple wish message on someone’s birthday or anniversary. At simplyearnonline.com, we are giving you a chance to write wishes and quotes from your own knowledge and feelings. You can express your feelings and get paid from us.

How have we benefited from you?

The answer is so simple. In the recent world, everyone has a habit of searching for quotes and wishes for all kinds of occasions whether it is for happy or sad things that don’t matter at all. So the search for the quotes or wishes will end up on our website by which we will get benefited. Obviously the number of users and visitors are our biggest goal.

On which topics you can post quotes or wishes?

There are numerous topics and categories in quotes and wishes. You can definitely choose topics of your choice. The topics are like birthday quotes, birthday wishes, anniversary quotes, anniversary wishes and so on. You have liberty to post both happy and sad quotes based on the topic you are choosing. Browse allquotez.com to find the entire list of topics that you write.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Create quotes and wishes in a unique way. Don’t copy it from other websites.
  • Your quotes and wishes must be meaningful.
  • Use relevant words for relevant topics. For example, while writing motivational quotes, use words like successful, success, victory or something positive.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Avoid using punctuation marks and capital letters at unwanted places.
  • You can use a minimum of 10 words and a maximum of 40 words for your quotes and wishes.

What Are Online Jobs | Is This Real or Fake | simplyearnonline.com


How to make money online?

Earning money is a very essential part of everyone’s life. How can you make money is a matter of things? Internet taking over a large part of our lives, a penalty of people are trying to find ways to earn money online to satisfy their financial needs. Do you want to earn money online without any investment? There are many ways to earn money online, some of these might be scams but simplyearnonline.com has always been a trusted website that offers more online jobs and consistent pay to its users

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Data Entry Jobs

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Writing Jobs

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What Is Answer A Question Jobs And Benefits?


How are we benefited from you?

The questions on our website are created by various users and so your answer will certainly help people who are in need of a solution. The satisfaction of our users will pay off to us and we are happy in sharing it with you for your part and involvement in growing us.

What is called answering a question?

In general answering a question is giving a solution for an unanswered question. At okayanswers.com, we have a lot of questions which need your response. The questions are from various topics such as GK, aptitude, science and so on. You can choose the relevant question that you are related with and can help us with your answers.

How to find an answer for a question?

You can find answers for the questions, by reading books on the relevant topic, by discussing with your friends or by asking help from google. But make sure not to create any copyright issue for us.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Choose the question from the right topic you are experienced in.
  • Give a clear and neat answer. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors in the answers.
  • Your answer must contain 500 words or more. Avoid punctuation marks and capital letters at unwanted places.
  • Do not copy the same answers from other websites.
  • For each technical answer like sums, formulas or equations, give a detailed explanation in the description box.

What Is Aptitude Comment Jobs And Benefits?


What is called an aptitude commenting job?

At iqbrainn.com, we have many aptitude based questions and answers which are posted by our users. There are various topics in aptitude and for each topic we have a set of question and answer, description for the answer and a comment box to submit your comments. You simply have to read the given question and answer and have to type the comments about it in the given commenting box.

How are we benefited from you?

Many users, especially students who are preparing for their competitive exams view the aptitude question and answer from our website and get benefited. We need you to comment on those questions and answers so that our website will reach more people. It will be beneficial for us, for our users as well as your contribution will also be paid off.

What comment to be posted?

It totally depends on your impression on us. Read the existing question and answer and post comments that hit your mind.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Make sure to post relevant comments.
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  • Don’t post comments with hatred words, as it may hurt others.
  • Please ensure that you are responsible for the comments you are posting.

What Is Aptitude Question And Answer Jobs And Benefits?


What is the aptitude question and answer?

Aptitude has an important role in all kinds of competitive exams like bank exams, carrier tests in IT companies, government exams and so on. Aptitude has various topics such as arithmetic aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning and so on. A person who can clear aptitude questions can easily score good marks in competitive exams. So your job is to create and submit your aptitude based question and answer on our website.

How are we benefited from you?

Many of you must have a question like how we will get benefited from all these questions. The answer is so simple. We post your question and answers in iqbrainn.com from where it will be helpful for all visitors who need to prepare for their exam. For each visit, we will get paid and from which we pay it to you for your part in our website.

Where to get the content?

It totally depends on you. Because without proper knowledge in aptitude, you cannot post any question and answer. You can refer from any aptitude based books, or google it. But make sure not to copy the same question and answer from other websites as we are not ready to face any copyright issue.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Make sure not to copy questions and answers from other websites.
  • Aptitude has various topics, so make sure to post appropriate Q & A in appropriate topics.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
  • For each question and answer, try to elaborate the answer in the description box as it will help the students to understand better.
  • Avoid using punctuation marks and capital letters at unwanted places.
  • Create your own questions from observations and self judgements.

What Is Recipe Comment Jobs And Benefits?


What is called commenting for a recipe job?

We at simplyearnonline.com, have many recipes posted by our users. We have all kinds of recipes on our website. Commenting for a recipe is not a big deal, it is just about posting your feedback about our recipes. You may experiment the given recipe before commenting or you can just post your comments on self assumption.

How are we benefited from you?

As you all know, reviews play an important role in the field of social marketing. So your comments for our recipes are more valuable for us and also for our users. Your comments will definitely increase the people’s expectation on our recipes.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Before posting any comment try to experiment or at least read the complete recipe.
  • Post relevant comments that suit the chosen recipe.
  • Be kind and note your words while commenting as it may hurt the user who posted the recipe.

What Is Create A Question Jobs And Benefits?


What is meant by creating a question?

We must all have unanswered questions even in our most familiar topics. And creating a question job is all about sharing those unanswered questions with us. So you will get dual benefits as you will know the answer from our users and also you will get paid off for the questions you are posting. You can create questions from any topics of your choice. Few of the example topics are art, aptitude, general knowledge, medicine, personal hygiene and so on.

How are we benefited from you?

Benefits in this job are mutual, as we have many users who are ready to post answers for your questions. So your questions are beneficial for users who are interested in answering jobs and also for our visitors who need to prepare for their exams or for them to make a study. So obviously, our website will be more engaged.

How to create a question?

It totally depends on you. The question can be either simple or tough ones, but make sure to create useful questions with good contents. Create questions that are empowering with thought provoking, open ended, challenging qualities that allows our users to look for answers and new opportunities.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always plan your topics and the relevant questions before you start to write for us.
  • Creators with userful and powerful questions are most appreciated.
  • The questions should be meaningful and shouldnt contain any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Your questions should be guiding but not leading.
  • Avoid using punctuation marks and capital letters at unwanted places.
  • Create questions that make our users think and research on the relevant topics.

What Is Current Affairs Jobs And Benefits?


What Is Called Current Affairs Question And Answer Posting Job?

Generally, many people have the habit of looking through newspapers in the morning on a daily or weekly basis. But it is now becoming a trend of old people or retired ones.

The young generation are not spending their time in knowing the current affairs happening around the world.

So if you are a person who is updated with current affairs till date, then you can choose this job without any second thought.

You can share your knowledge with us in the form of question and answer.

How Are We Benefited From You?

Though, current affairs based Q & A are frequently asked in all government exams, railway exams, banking exams and competitive exams, these questions play an important role in gaining good marks for the students.

So the question and answer you are posting will be helpful for our users and also it increases the number of organic visitors to our website.

Where To Find The Current Affairs Question And Answer?

Current affairs includes the social, economic, political and cultural events that take place around us. It also includes the change in weather and the seasons around the world.

So you can find the information of current affairs from newspapers and news channels. You can also surf daily updates in google and form it as Q & A.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do get updated with daily updates, as it is the base for choosing this job.
  • Do not copy questions and answers from other websites as it will end up in copyright issues for us.
  • Make sure to post relevant questions and answers.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Do not use punctuation marks and capital letters at unwanted places.