What Is Answer A Question Jobs And Benefits?


How are we benefited from you?

The questions on our website are created by various users and so your answer will certainly help people who are in need of a solution. The satisfaction of our users will pay off to us and we are happy in sharing it with you for your part and involvement in growing us.

What is called answering a question?

In general answering a question is giving a solution for an unanswered question. At okayanswers.com, we have a lot of questions which need your response. The questions are from various topics such as GK, aptitude, science and so on. You can choose the relevant question that you are related with and can help us with your answers.

How to find an answer for a question?

You can find answers for the questions, by reading books on the relevant topic, by discussing with your friends or by asking help from google. But make sure not to create any copyright issue for us.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Choose the question from the right topic you are experienced in.
  • Give a clear and neat answer. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors in the answers.
  • Your answer must contain 500 words or more. Avoid punctuation marks and capital letters at unwanted places.
  • Do not copy the same answers from other websites.
  • For each technical answer like sums, formulas or equations, give a detailed explanation in the description box.


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