What Is General Knowledge Question & Answer Jobs And Benefits?


What is a GK question and answer posting job?

We at simplyearnonline.com, providing our website visitors earning opportunities by posting jobs. This general knowledge question and answer posting jobs are one of the best jobs as the questions you post will help our users in improving their knowledge. The job is all about sharing your general knowledge with us.

How are we benefited from you?

General knowledge helps an individual to improve his personal skills and academic skills. Having general knowledge is more important as it helps you while writing any kind of competitive exams in both private and public sectors. These questions are also asked in entrance exams and interviews. So the question and answer you are posting, will be helpful for our users for their improvement of knowledge and for us it is beneficial when we have more engagement on our website.

Where to find the Gk question and answer for posting?

You can find the GK question and answer from the books that are now easily available online or at local markets. You can refer to those books and post us the question and answer. Newspapers and news channels will also help you, but do not mix up general knowledge with current affairs.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Before posting any question and answer, make sure it is correct as it will be read by many students.
  • Do not copy the question and answer from other websites as we are not ready to face any copyright issue.
  • Refer from books, news channels and newspapers for getting better knowledge.
  • Do not post the same questions that are already existing on our website.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Do not use punctuation marks and capital letters at inappropriate places.


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