What Is Aptitude Question And Answer Jobs And Benefits?

What is the aptitude question and answer?

Aptitude has an important role in all kinds of competitive exams like bank exams, carrier tests in IT companies, government exams and so on. Aptitude has various topics such as arithmetic aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning and so on. A person who can clear aptitude questions can easily score good marks in competitive exams. So your job is to create and submit your aptitude based question and answer on our website.

How are we benefited from you?

Many of you must have a question like how we will get benefited from all these questions. The answer is so simple. We post your question and answers in iqbrainn.com from where it will be helpful for all visitors who need to prepare for their exam. For each visit, we will get paid and from which we pay it to you for your part in our website.

Where to get the content?

It totally depends on you. Because without proper knowledge in aptitude, you cannot post any question and answer. You can refer from any aptitude based books, or google it. But make sure not to copy the same question and answer from other websites as we are not ready to face any copyright issue.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Make sure not to copy questions and answers from other websites.
  • Aptitude has various topics, so make sure to post appropriate Q & A in appropriate topics.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
  • For each question and answer, try to elaborate the answer in the description box as it will help the students to understand better.
  • Avoid using punctuation marks and capital letters at unwanted places.
  • Create your own questions from observations and self judgements.






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