Jobs in Kolkata: 14 Real Online Part-time Work to Earn Money


The Best Real Online Part-Time Jobs in Kolkata

Before knowing the jobs in Kolkata. having ideas about the city will ease your  both part-time and full-time job search Kolkata also is known as Calcutta is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal and former capital of British India. This city is well-known for its diversified work culture including transport, manufacturing, and Software Development Companies.
Jobs In Kolkata
Jobs In Kolkata
It is one of India’s largest cities and according to the 2011 Indian census, it is the seventh most populous city. Also, it is considered as a third-most populous metropolitan area in India. People in Kolkata are mostly job goers and a few people are techies who are making money in the software industry. This city is the commercial and financial hub of East and North-East India and home to the Calcutta stock exchange. Another major commercial business is Cargo handling through its harbor and one of the oldest operating port of India. It is a major in the city experienced a steady economic decline in the decades following India’s independence due to steep population increases. The Economy of West Bengal is the sixth-largest state economy in India with 12 lakh crore in gross domestic product. There are many jobs in Kolkatta are available for people from various industries such as IT/Software, BPO, Teaching, Marketing, Etc. Likewise, is also offering multiple job opportunities for people in Kolkatta. By joining our portal as a free member, you can able to earn great monthly revenue without any investment. Let’s discuss the various jobs in our portal in the further part of this article.

What are the Part-Time Jobs in Kolkata?

Everyone needs to be self-dependent that results in self-confidence, similarly in finding part-time jobs as well. If you are looking for part-time jobs in Kolkata, it is itself a big notion towards self-dependency. Kolkata is a great hub for many multinational companies in different industrial verticals like IT, BPO, Education, Medical, etc. Due to this fact, a lot of opportunities and vacancies offering for people of Kolkata. Find the right one is an essential thing. If you are a graduate student and looking for a part-time job which is required for your further studies or having some other plans. Finding a right part-time job is therefore essential for the college students, as they can even manage their pocket expenses while studying. Extra income or passive income, Yes, these are two different aspects of making money.
Best Paying Part-Time Jobs In Kolkata
Best Paying Part-Time Jobs In Kolkata
Our provides tons of part-time job opportunities for all the people in Kolkata. We are giving an option for you to choose your interested field of work and earn money in your free time. It is an open platform for all college students, housewives, home moms, female seekers, retired people, etc. We have a job for all the people including housewives, college students, working women, retired people, job seekers, and every other one. Some of the jobs we offer are GK Question and Answer, Aptitude Solving, Writing Current Affairs, Recipe Writing, and Rating, etc. All the part-time jobs in Kolkata we provide are real and genuine paying jobs only and you will earn anywhere between Rs.2 to Rs.50 per task. Start making money today by joining as a free member and start doing the available online part-time work. We pay every qualified job after successful moderation and the reward will be credited to your account instantly.

Part-Time Aptitude Writing Work:

Many people in Kolkata are very intelligent and the percentage of educated people is very high in this city. They can utilize this great opportunity to earn money in their free time or leisure time. Our Company requires people to solve aptitude questions available in our portal. Join our portal today for free and start solving every aptitude available in your account. You will be paid anywhere from Rs.5 to Rs.7 for your every valuable aptitude problem-solving in our portal.

Current Affairs Part-Time Jobs in Kolkata:

Kolkata is a great place for news and information because a large number of new politics and sports events happening every day. Other groups of people are very curious to read the latest news and the current affairs in Kolkata. If you are having the habit of reading current news and events in your surroundings, then make use of this habit to earn money. Our provides a great platform for people like you. You can earn up to Rs.5 per original current affair news related to any industry such as sports, politics, etc.

GK Question and Answering:

General Knowledge is becoming an important process of all recruitment, exams, and other similar entries. Are you aware of General knowledge? Do you want to earn money from your GK capability? It is the finest time to earn money using your GK Knowledge, Join and get paid for your knowledge. Share your GK questions and get paid up to Rs.5 per original and unique question asked and answered.

How to Find a Genuine Data Entry Jobs in Kolkata?

The Data Entry Jobs are becoming one of the most searchable jobs in India and this fever is high among the people of Kolkata. Since Kolkata is the largest metropolitan city with a diverse culture and buzziest city in India, Job opportunities are relatively high. Many people in Kolkata are already earning a great decent income by doing data entry jobs from their home without investment.
Data Entry Jobs In Kolkata
Data Entry Jobs In Kolkata
There are various government sectors and private limited companies have their headquarters in Kolkata offering millions of job opportunities. Multiple industries like Banking, Defence, Retail, Insurance, Media, Journalism, Finance have millions of vacancies for people in Kolkata. It is full of fresh talent waiting to burst into the job sector at any given time or any given point in this city of Kolkata. If you don’t wish to grind yourself in doing 9 to 6 jobs daily commuting to the office, then this post should gain your attention. We are making you easy to find genuine online data entry jobs in Kolkata to work in your free time and earn some extra revenue. welcomes people from Kolkata to start doing data entry work available on our online website. We have openings for all people from different backgrounds and skillsets, such as college students, housewives, home moms, retired people, etc. You will get paid for your work in our portal and it will be credited to your account or Paytm. Let us discuss some of the available data entry jobs for the people in Kolkata and join today to get more jobs based on your skills.

Recipe Rating Work:

One of the great and simplist opportunities from Our is recipe rating. You can access this portal anywhere even in your smartphone and earn money in your free time. Join us for free today and enroll yourself as a free member to starting rating the recipes which are published in our portal. Earn up to Rs.5 per rating which is true and original and after approval by our quality assessment team…

Language Translation Jobs in Kolkata:

Our portal is the largest open platform for people to find genuine data entry jobs and earn money. We are searching for the people who can able to do the translation work for our English web portal. You have to translate the English language to other regional languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, etc. For each successful translation, you will earn Rs.10 after approved by our team and rewards will be credited instantly.

Data Entry Recipe Writing Jobs:

This is another great and unique data entry job opportunity for the people in Kolkata. If you are a housewife or stay at home mom, and you are good at cooking, then this job is available for yours. Our company is looking for the candidates to write new recipes for our online publication. We will pay you up to Rs.30 per qualified recipe written by you. No investment, join free today and submit your recipes to get paid.

What is the Work From Home Jobs in Kolkata?

Nowadays there are a lot of ways are available where people can work from home without doing any investment. Working from home generally requires some specialized skills and dedication to work consistently. The internet creates a revolution and now people can work from home even if you are from anywhere in India. But the main problem is where to find those sources or platforms where people from Kolkata can earn money. There are a lot of scams is happening all around the Internet and people feel much difficulty in finding a genuine job. Don’t worry about them more genuine home-based jobs are waiting. in the city of Kolkata.
Work From Home Jobs In Kolkata
Work From Home Jobs In Kolkata
Our is one of the topmost members provide work from home jobs in Kolkata. The housewives in Kolkata are struggling to get the proper jobs to work from home and earn money. Females are the heart of every family and our society and so, we have created an opportunity for ladies to earn from their home. You are not required to travel for this job or commute to our office every day. Just sit in your home, earn money while watching TV. We have dedicated jobs specially designed for housewives in Kolkata and those are Recipe writing, Translation Jobs, Recipe Commenting. We have nearly 14+ genuine work from home jobs are available and suitable for all people including students, housewives, job seekers, etc. All our work at home jobs is genuine paying and most importantly, there is no requirement to pay any fees to become our member. Join our company without any investment and start making money today. You can earn up to Rs.40000 without investment and you can transfer your earnings to your PayTM wallet or your Bank Account.

Hindi Language Translation Jobs in Kolkata:

Language compatibility filled with the Hindi language is certainly a good opportunity for the housewives and retired people in Kolkata. Other than that, Hindi translation work is getting essential in a wide range for the Hindi website creation and other relating works. English to Hindi translation is the ultimate requirement from the employer, part-time job seekers especially housewive easily use this opportunity. To ease your job hunt, offering a fly-over opportunity for the Hindi translators. After the completion of translation work, your valuable revenue will hit your account without any hurdle.

Recipe Commenting Part-Time Jobs:

Now a day many youtube channels are available to present the tasty food and visibility of the recipes directly reach the foodie viewers. It is the finest opportunity to get revenue and giving comments on the recipes which are posted on youtube channels and other portals. Retired people and Housewives can easily use this opportunity to comment on the recipes by simply using their mobiles. Homemakers and elderly people can easily comment on the posted recipes and can earn a handsome revenue in a complex-free way. Making use of this platform is a wonderful way, it is one of the free investment jobs mostly apt one for part-time job seekers. In such a way, homemakers and foodies can gain their revenue by this recipe commenting start your commenting! For this part-time opportunity, offers its platform to earn your income with less effort.

Preparation of Current Affairs:

Graduated housewives, college-going students, and elderly people all can use this section for their earning income in part-time. Through their reading and government exam preparation, they can easily post their questions as well as answers via our portal. It is useful for the people who are preparing for their examination as well as the publishers could enhance knowledge. People who are retired from renowned government jobs can easily help others in the same way, they can easily earn their revenue. This part-time current affair creation will be a simple process with the help of They value your hard work of preparation and for posting such questions can get your extra income swiftly. Now earning money is an easy one.

How to Earn from Online Jobs in Kolkata?

Kolkata is the center of India’s high tech industry and it is the city of a valley in India. Hence, in Kolkata, day by day job vacancies and openings are increasing swiftly. But still, there are many people are searching for online jobs to work from home jobs f0or easy  money earning Because of the reason, they feel more comfortable and enjoyable when doing jobs in their comfort and no boss to control them.
Earn Money Online In Kolkata
Earn Money Online In Kolkata
We have a comprehensive list of online jobs for you, find which is the great online job in Kolkata is your own choice. Our providing a great opportunity for all people in Kolkata to earn money by doing online jobs. We have numerous openings for college students, housewives, home-moms, retired people, female job seekers, etc. There is no need for any investment to become a member of our portal, but you can earn more than Rs. 10000 a month for sure. We have various jobs like Data entry jobs, work from home jobs, part-time jobs, typing jobs, and much more. Data entry jobs are a suitable one for the college-going students and homemakers and staying as a mom balances their revenue through this job. You will get paid anywhere between Rs.15000 to Rs.20000 for your great efforts in our portal. It is one of the genuine platforms for all people with different skill sets and different qualifications.


Kolkata is one of the legendary cities in India, getting part-time jobs coming as handpick option for its seekers. As one of the busy cities in India,  multiple job opportunities are waiting for job seekers in Kolkata. North and Central Kolkata fills with an abundance of job opportunities. Crowded shops and IT hubs are some of the notable places. It is the ever-loving place with all kinds of scenic beauty. so, many visitors do not miss this place visit. The popularity of this city covers all the corners. Art, literacy, Trade, Sports and what not. All aspects of trend bounds in this city. With all this consideration, Kolkata is a wealthy place where you can find your preferable job without more difficulty. Investment free money earning is an attractive option for part-time job seekers in this busy city of Kolkata, West Bengal. Our Engyer Digital Marketing Company does not offer only jobs in Kolkata and it offers the major cities too.


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