Jobs in Delhi: 14 Paying Work from Home Jobs for Housewives


Real Paying Genuine Online Work From Home Jobs in Delhi:

Before knowing the jobs in Delhi. having ideas about the city will ease your both part-time and full-time job search. Delhi is the capital city of India and hence the central government and other governing bodies were situated in New Delhi. It is of great historical significance as an important commercial, transport, and cultural hub, as well as the political center of India.
Jobs in Delhi
Jobs in Delhi
Since Delhi is the governing capital of India, it also provides the space for multiple job opportunities in multiple industries. Delhi is considered as one of the safe and secure places despite this geographical location and high-security rings. The Delhi city is well-known for its diversified culture and variable economy that lays a platform for IT companies. This city is known for the presence of a large number of IT companies, finance sectors, telecommunication industries, trade centers, tourism, and media. Therefore, this presence contributes to numerous job opportunities for people from different skill sets and various backgrounds. Like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi is one of the best places in India for job hunters, housewives, job seekers, retired people, college students, etc. But many people in Delhi are always willing to work from home or they want to work in their free time or leisure time. By the way, Our offers multiple opportunities for people to earn money in their free time. It is one of the largest online platforms that invite all people from all over the world, no matter where you are located. Our open platform is available for everyone to earn the best source of knowledge as well as money for your family well being. Our multiple openings are Recipe writing, recipe rating, Aptitude Solving, Language translation, Current affairs, etc.

Where Can I Get Suitable Part-Time Job in Delhi?

In Delhi, you can easily find people from various skill sets such as skilled for IT companies and non-skilled for traditional jobs. Many famous educational institutions are situated in New Delhi that increase the education value among youngsters. College students and housewives are making good money from doing a part-time job in Delhi NCR.
Part-Time Jobs in Delhi
Part-Time Jobs in Delhi
There are several jobs available such as Data entry, Network marketing, Home based jobs, Affiliate marketing, etc. Currently, India is going with digital and hence, there immense demand for all the field of jobs in the Dehli. Well, there are plenty of ways to earn money in free time depending on your skills, qualification, skill sets, etc. Today the Swiggy, food panda, and Zomato require delivery boys on large scale with allowance shifts of alternate hours. This is one of the best ways and it also pays a good amount of money with some of the tips of course. Many college students are working as Swiggy, Zomato delivery boys in their free time to earn some extra money. But it is a difficult task for the students to work and as well as maintain the studies for their career. Now no need to worry about it! Our is providing numerous options for the students to work in their free time. Join us for free and work from home or online, offline with more flexibility and earn money for your expenses. Some of the Options for Especially Students are: Aptitude Part-time Work Hindi Translation, Recipe Rating Job

Aptitude Part-Time Work:

It is one of the booming opportunities worldwide because getting a job is difficult due to the huge competition among the students. Solving aptitude is a major important task for college students for their interviews and competitive exams. If you are good at aptitude then make use of this option to earn your second income from home without stress. Enroll in our and start making money as much as you can by solving aptitudes. You will be paid around RS. 3 to Rs. 4 for your every valuable aptitude solving in our company.

Hindi LanguageĀ Translation:

Hindi is considered as an official language of India and most of the people do speak Hindi in our country. Are you good at Hindi ? and do you want to earn money from home in your free time? By the way, Our company is providing the opportunity to the people who know Hindi translation and can able to translate the content in our portal. Register an account today with our online website and start taking the available Hindi translation jobs to earn money. You will be get paid around Rs. 4 to Rs. 5 for successful Hindi translation task you have.

Earn Doing Work for Recipe Rating Job:

Are you the one food lover? Do you have any idea about food and want to earn some extra revenue in your free time? Here is the best option for you to just rate the recipe and earn money for your all expenses in your family. Nowadays, Our Company providing the recipe rating jobs to all the people and let them earn money from home. Enroll yourself with us and get a separate login ID to get the dashboard to start work in your free time and earn some decent money. For every original rating, you are doing in our portal will earn you Rs. 3 to Rs. 6 and the money will be credited into your account.

What are Some Trusted Data-Entry Jobs in Delhi?

Delhi is one of the fastest progressive cities in India thriving multiple businesses from different industries and verticals. This city also attracting large foreign investments to install their MNCs in our capital city of India. All these investments and infrastructures lead to an enormous job opportunity for all people living in Delhi. People in Delhi are having diverse job cultures that provide at least one genuine opportunity for these people from Delhi. There are plenty of lucrative job opportunities for ex-pats arriving in New Delhi and looking for a second income Career. Out of the many available online jobs, data entry jobs are still thriving as one of the most searchable jobs in Delhi.
Data Entry Jobs in Delhi
Data Entry Jobs in Delhi
Data Entry, In general, it includes all type of data to be entered in digital format from its source file that could be paper. The online data entry jobs are real and help you to make a decent income from your home in your free time. These jobs are the best option for earning some extra money by just investing a few hours of your day. Thereā€™s a lot of data entry jobs available, similarly, there are double that amount of people searching and doing those jobs. Finding a genuine company that outsources the genuine data entry job is a difficult task being faced by many people. Once you have cracked the way to identify the genuine data typing work, you can earn a decent income for your career. Housewives, home moms, and retired people can use their free time and start earning money for their extra expenditure. You just need to join our company and login with the portal to start work with us and earn some extra decent money.

Share Current Affairs and Earn Money:

Every people need to get updated with the current information such as national, sports, business, education, science and various other important news. Because this is essential for people who are working the various job industry and more useful for their career. After identifying the potential, our company started to provide data entry work in collecting information about current affairs. Enter Digital Marketing Company is providing the dual option of gain knowledge as well as earn some decent income. Enroll yourself as a free member to start work with us and earn money for your valuable work in our portal. Join today and become our member. Submit the recent information that you have collected and earned for every original news shared with us.

Earn Extra Income Through Ask a Question:

Another great data typing work option from our is to ask a question in your relevant industries. Every people have some doubts in their industry and they require some answers, but usually, people go and ask in Google. But, a little change in that approach will earn you a great income from our company. If your interested in a particular field and a subject and you can utilize this option to start your second income career. Join as a free member and start asking questions in your industry including but not limited to mechanical, aeronautical, textile industries, etc. Every genuine and unique question asked by you will earn you up to Rs. 5 after passed our internal quality assessment.

Share Answer for Relevant Question:

One more great and simplest opportunity for the people is to answer a question and get paid for that right answer as well as a useful answer. Our has millions of questions in our portal and we need a proper answer to those questions. We are ready to offer this opportunity for all the people and we are happy to pay money for those genuine answers. Join our company as a free member and start answering the questions in your particular field of interest. You will get around Rs. 5 to Rs. 6 for your valuable answer and it is paid to your account after the review from our company.

Best Work from Home Jobs in Delhi?

Delhi is the place where a large population of educated women resides and spend their maximum time in their home watching TVs. Only a few females were utilizing their free time to work for a company from their home and start earning money to support their family. There are many public institutions in the city, including hospitals, law firms, and state banks, MNC company headquarter, etc.
Work From Home Jobs in Delhi
Work From Home Jobs in Delhi
There are 1000s of work from home jobs that are available from these industries and they are looking for the right people to work for them. Among the national companies, Delhi also paved the way for many international and multinational companies. Thus, the opportunity for work from home was doubled since in the last few years especially for people in Delhi. A lot of new startups are also rising in the city that offer great job benefits for all types of qualifications. But if you are not holding a degree or don’t have much knowledge about any particular filed then still you can earn money by sitting at home. Our understands this trend and created multiple types of work from home jobs for housewives in Delhi. You can choose your field of interest with our company and work with more flexibility and earn money as much as you can. Some of the Available Work from Home Jobs are : Recipe writing Commenting the recipe Translation Jobs

Doing Recipe Writing Work:

Every woman in India are fond of cooking and hence we provide a great work from home option for female cooks and even for other people. Do you want to work from home? and earn some extra revenue for your day to day expenses? Our offers food lovers, housewives, etc. who are willing to work from home to earn money. Join today as a free member to post your delicious food recipes in our portal and earn money. Post your recipes and earn up to Rs. 30 per qualified recipe that will be published in our recipe portal.

Earn Money Through Commenting the Recipe:

This is another great option for food lovers to start their careers to earn a second income for their families. Our is the larget platform for providing the job opportunity for all the people in all over the world. We have lakhs of food recipes in our portal and those recipes require valuable comments from the food experts and cooks. All you have to do is to register a free account and start writing your valuable comments for the recipes you know well. Start earning money up to Rs.5 per qualified and published comments on various food recipes in our portal.

Doing a Work For Language Translation Jobs:

As mentioned above, our company is the open and largest job portal for all the people irrespective of the location. Hence we have multiple tasks in our portal and all our portals are in the English language that requires Hindi translators. We are searching for the people from Delhi, who can translate English to Hindi to support our portal. If your good in more than one language then no need to worry, join us for free and start working as a member to earn money. Login to our portal and start converting various jobs, aptitudes, recipes, questions from English to Hindi or other regional languages. Earn up to Rs.10 per successful completion of the task and get paid to your Paytm Wallet every day.

What are Genuine Online Jobs in Delhi?

In the advanced technological world, online jobs are becoming a trend among people from various parts of Delhi. People from developed cities like Delhi mostly spend time on doing jobs from their home or any other remote locations. Those jobs such as online work, Data-entry work, Typing jobs, Form filling, Affiliate marketing, Network Marketing, etc.
Genuine Online Jobs in Delhi
Genuine Online Jobs in Delhi
Easily people do earn Rs.10000 per week just by working 2 to 3 hrs per day but finding a suitable and authentic job is not easy. Students need money to meet their expenditures. Today, they cannot depend upon their parents because parents cannot meet their demands. There are several ways you can do online jobs in Delhi and earn a good income for your extra expenditure. Part-Time Online Jobs is one of most favorite jobs for Delhi people. Most of the people in Delhi who are earning part-time are through online jobs only. Therefore is offering a wide range of online jobs for all people in Delhi to work in their free time. We have many different kinds of jobs and some of them are below for your reference: Translation Jobs GK questions Quotes and Wishing Writing

Earn Extra Revenue Doing Language Translation Jobs:

People in Delhi speak a different language as they are from various parts of the country and staying in Delhi for their job purpose. There are people mostly coming to Delhi for doing an office job, but few people are doing additional online jobs as well. Most of the people in Delhi do speak more than 3 languages in their day to day activities. They can use this opportunity with our to earn some extra decent revenue in their free time. You just need to translate the content in our portal based on your choice of interest and earn money from home. For each successful task, You will be get paid around anywhere between Rs. 5 to Rs. 6 for each translation work in our portal.

Ask GK Questions to Earn Money:

Today people are interested in learning new information from the Internet and also spend time gaining General Knowledge for their career. Are you interested in learning new things? Do you want to earn money as well? We have a dedicated portal where you can join us and make money by learning as well as answering the GK questions. Anyway, Our has a huge number of GK questions and answers in our portal. Our Company pays our members up to Rs. 5 per GK question that is answered correctly by their members.

Quotes and Wishing Writing:

When we woke up in the morning we need some boosting words to inspire our self-right? If you are good at inspirational or motivational writings then you can make utilize this option to earn your second income source. Everyone is using various communication tools such as Whatsapp and find new images for wishes and quotes. Make use of this activity and generate some revenue in your morning routine. Hence our provides the option to the people to write their thoughts, inspirational words in the portal. We pay our members up to Rs. 5 per wishes images and/or quotes including motivational and inspirational.

What the Available Typing Jobs For Fresher?

Delhi is loaded with corporate offices and MNCs and particularly IT industrial sectors at each corner in the streets of Dehli. Not one or two but you can find dozens of online jobs in India which pay money for your efforts and work. Among other jobs, typing jobs are also has a great demand and many people are searching for the right resource to start earning money.
Fresher Jobs in Delhi
Fresher Jobs in Delhi
Starting a typing job does not require any special skills or knowledge, but a good typing speed is enough to work. We have numerous opportunities for people in Delhi in various online jobs including typing jobs, work from home jobs, part-time jobs. Everyone can find a suitable online job, depending on the qualifications, skill set, etc to earn as per your capacity. If you are a fresher with zero years experience then you can get a job easily in our portal and start making money.


Delhi is the capital city of India and also a perfect place for creating a great career by people from various backgrounds. Many MNCs and IT sectors have their headquarters in New Delhi thus enabling jobs for all people staying in Delhi. We is also offering various jobs for people from new Delhi and let them earn money in their free time. Becoming a member is free and will not acquire any charges. You can right away start earning money immediately after becoming a member. As technology has grown to a very large extent, it’s easy for every people to find the right job from their home and work in their flexible time. It doesn’t matter what qualifications, interests, experience you have today, but you will get a job to earn in our portal. There many part-time jobs available in Delhi that are offered by our company private limited. College students from Delhi can join our portal and start doing aptitude solving, Asking a Question, Solving GK puzzles, etc. Housewives in Delhi can submit their recipes and earn up to Rs.50 per qualified recipe which gets published in our recipe portal. If you are a food lover and have a smartphone, you can easily rate our published recipes and comment on your ideas to earn more money. At last, our company has multiple opportunities for people to earn money online by staying Jobs in Delhi and using the Internet and computer.


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