How To Create Service In Netjobsall?


If you are a freelancer and looking for a job opportunity, then posting a service with us will give a spotlight to your profile. The service that you post with us will be posted in our service listings page where you will get the top position if you add it more clearly. The service listings will allow the employers to identify the right candidate effortlessly for their field of service. To post a service, you must register before starting with us. You have liberty to post as many services as you are experienced in.

How To Post A Service With Us?

Step 1: After completing the registration process, click on the “Manage Service” on the left menu of your dashboard.

create service step 1

Step 2: Click on the post a service icon below your profile picture.

create service step 2

Step 3: You will see the below screen with multiple tabs to fill.

create service step 3

Step 4: Enter the service title in the tab. For example, if you are a content writer then type something like ‘you will give fast high-quality content’.

create service step 4

Step 5: In the service price tab, enter the price you quoted for your service. 

create service step 5


Step 6: From the service category menu, choose your field of service. If you are a writer, then choose the category of writing.

create service step 6


Step 7: Enter your English eligibility level in the select English level tab. You can choose it as basic, naive, professional, or conversational.

create service step 7


Step 8: In the service response time tab, enter the time you will take to respond back to your client if they offer you a job.

create service step 8

Step 9: Click on select service delivery from where you can choose the number of days you require to complete a project. 

create service step 9


Step 10: In the select location menu, choose India.

create service step 10


Step 11: In the service detail tab, make sure to enter the brief details of your service. Ensure to add the techniques and strategies you know in your field.

create service step 11

Step 12: If you have a video URL of your service, then you can add it here by clicking on add video URL.

create service step 12


Step 13: To enhance your service profile you can upload attachments of your previous projects by enabling the upload icon. create service step 13


Step 14: You can upload attachments by clicking the Upload attachment button.

create service step 14

Step 15: If this service is the main service that you offer, then turn it on as a featured service. If not, do not turn on the icon.

create service step 15


Step 16: Adding service FAQ will clarify your clients better. For adding FAQ click on add service FAQ.

create service step 16


Step 17: Type the most asked question in the question tab. For example, if you are a writer, then add a question like how many projects revises you offer for your clients.

create service step 17


Step 18: Enter the relevant answer in the answer tab. Make sure that you answer the questions as per your own plans as it is like promising to your clients.

create service step 18


Step 19: After filling all tabs, click on Publish Service button in the bottom to post your service.

create service step 20


Step 20: Once you post the service, you will be notified by the notification.

create service step 21

How To Check The Service Status is active?

After posting the service, it was automatically changed its status to active.

Step 1: After completing the registration process, click on the “Manage Service” on the left menu of your dashboard.

create service active 1

Step 2: Select Active services from it and you will land in the service listings page.

create service active 2

Step 3: To see your service listing, click on the eye button under the action menu.

create service active 3



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