How To View The Approved Projects And Receive Payment?


When you have completed and sent a project to your client, you have to wait until the employer approves your work. Your amount will be credited to your profile as soon as your work is approved. Stick to the steps below on how to check the project status:

Step 1: Click on the completed projects icon in the dashboard.

Step 2: If your work is approved by the client, you will see the project completion notification. To know more details click on the view details icon.

Step 3: As soon as the project is completed the amount is added to your account which you can withdraw anytime. The amount you earned will be displayed in the available balance icon in the dashboard.


  1. Hye this is Ayesha Iffat I have already paid the amount of Rs. 99/- after that my work is under process only when will I get my order?? Kindly do something please let me know.


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