What Is Aptitude Comment Jobs And Benefits?

What is called an aptitude commenting job?

At iqbrainn.com, we have many aptitude based questions and answers which are posted by our users. There are various topics in aptitude and for each topic we have a set of question and answer, description for the answer and a comment box to submit your comments. You simply have to read the given question and answer and have to type the comments about it in the given commenting box.

How are we benefited from you?

Many users, especially students who are preparing for their competitive exams view the aptitude question and answer from our website and get benefited. We need you to comment on those questions and answers so that our website will reach more people. It will be beneficial for us, for our users as well as your contribution will also be paid off.

What comment to be posted?

It totally depends on your impression on us. Read the existing question and answer and post comments that hit your mind.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Make sure to post relevant comments.
  • Understand the given question and answer and then comment.
  • Try to post your comments without any spelling or grammatical error, so that our users will be able to read and understand your comments.
  • Don’t post comments with hatred words, as it may hurt others.
  • Please ensure that you are responsible for the comments you are posting.






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