Code of Conduct has its own rules, regulations, and laws to conduct the business with mannerable ethics. We ensure to provide faithful services to our users. We take the responsibility to give the rules of conduct to our users which they must follow. In case of any behaviours against the given conduct, we take action up to account termination. To know more about the rules of conduct, kindly email to support email id, where we will provide your further details.

Individual Behaviours

  • The user has to act with moral behaviours.
  • Should respect the liberty of other users.
  • Should not discriminate or bully other users.
  • Should accept all the rules and regulations of
  • Should not involve in the confidential information of the company and the other users.
  • Should not misuse the personal data of other users.
  • The information provided by the users must be original and true.
  • Freelancers should not contact employers off-site and should not request or receive payments without our consent.
  • The freelancers must not take on projects that they are not qualified for.
  • The freelancers should not request payment from the employers before the project completion.
  • Employers must not mistreat the works of freelancers.

Buyer / Employer content

  • The employer must take the responsibility for any content posted at and should follow the below ethics while posting content.
  • The employer must post contents that are license-free to avoid copyright issues.
  • The contents posted must not be illegal or violent against laws.
  • The contents must not contain any adult or child pornography.
  • Should not post contents that bring us to defame.
  • Should not post contents that provide false statements about a person, service or product.
  • Should not post contents with any virus that affects other computer systems.
  • Should not post contents that harm our business reputation and operations.

User / Company privileges

  • The users must consider the confidentiality of others and act accordingly.
  • The users must not reveal the documents or details offered by to others outside the team at any cause.

Privacy of users

  • The freelancers and the employers must not ask for personal contact details of other users other than communication through official site.

Cheating / Duplicity

  • The users must not take part in cheating.
  • Should not create multiple accounts.
  • The users must not proceed with unauthorized money transfers through the site.
  • The users must not show personal vengeance and should not create negative or false feedback on other users.


  • The users must not elaborate or act disrespectful and should not advertise irrelevant references.
  • The users should not involve in unprofessional behaviours and must not implicit negative or unfair comments against other users.


  • The freelancers must not engage in illegal behaviors while involving in projects.
  • The freelancers should bid a project which they can work on until completion.


  • The users must not spam the website by advertising content other than projects.

Partnering with other users

  • The users must not affiliate themselves with other users.
  • The users must not get the personal details of other users from emails or through any other sources and send emails or refer to themselves as affiliates.


  • The users must not exchange money through considering us as an easy money transfer source.
  • The employer must obey the committed responsibilities once the freelancer submits the completed project.